Monday, February 14, 2011

Finding my alone time and together with the pack

I was in doggy heaven the other day when I was given a rawhide chewy. WOW!!! All that talk about me having the attention span of a gnat flew out the window after I spent about an hour all by myself in various locations in the house just chewing on this rawhide chewy. In the picture below I'm all nestled in with my human daddy's shoes next to the bed. The other dogs came and went, all showing a bit of respect by not taking my chewy away from me. Later I'll give you a link to a video that will be on Katie's blog showing Libby stealing the chewy after daddy put it on the dresser. They thought it was me until momma put a hidden camera on the dresser and caught Libby in the act!
My human sister that helped find me and trick momma in to the surprise trip came over Sunday with her littlest adopted dog Sugar and I had fun playing with her. When the videos are done uploading on YouTube I'll post them here. Below you can see us all begging very politely as our sis was eating her lunch. Libby was on the futon next to our sis. 

ah, one of the videos is done!
and here's one of me with the chewy


  1. So, this new home is working fur woo?

    Happy HEARTS Day!


  2. You certainly found heave in your new home Harley.

    Looks like you really enjoyed your chewie.

    Big Nose Pokes

    The Thugletsx