Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sleeping, dreaming, perfecting my grammar and playing tug of war

Yup, I've been busy lately and just figured it was time to show you what I've been doing. First here I am again perfecting my grammar. My human momma says she can almost understand me!

Then after my grammar lesson I tried to teach Katie how to play tug of war. She doesn't quite get it yet.

After all that it was time for bed. I usually watch a little tv first (see the remote under my left leg?), but this time I fell right to sleep. That isn't really a jet engine in the background, or even a Kansas tornado, it's a fan and air cleaner my humans use for something called white noise. I personally don't see any white, but I do hear the noise.


  1. O M D!!! Mumsie bout fell off the chair laughing at you talking!!! Butchy out in I O WA talks like that...some wires are really vocal...Scruffy makes a lot of racket, but his talking is usually accompanied with growling...

    Frankly, I think you're totally have the cutest face ever...Katie was doin' a pretty good terrier tuggie...we three have been known to do a three way tug, but it usually ends in a fight so Stan avoids it...the Dale detests conflict...(wimp.)


    Lacie Girlie

  2. Oh Harley you are just brilliant and you speak like me- I think you were saying
    And I bet that's whjat you were dreaming about too. Go Harley!

  3. Harley you'er turning out to be quite a character, I always new you would, I know what you was trying to say in that video "I Love You" I heard to half way though ;)
    Well done for showing Katie how to play tug of war, of course I would know just how to play it with you :)
    I sleep like that you, but the remote wouldn't stand a chance I've got though three so far lol!!
    Keep the videos coming I love seeing them ;)
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  4. You are progressing...I hope you got a good bit of whatever it was that your mom was holding just out of reach.

    I'm a vocalizer too...And, I talk in my sleep!

    Enjoyed your videos.


  5. Harley - your grammar is coming along perfectly! And thank you for teaching Katie how to PLAY! She desperately wants to, but she doesn't quite have the knack for it yet. Keep trying! She'll get it soon enough and then you can play and play and play!

  6. Harley, you sure do have a lot to say - we love your very deep voice:)

    Katie wants to play but she wants to be sure you grab the toy and not her furs:)

    Pleasant dreams, handsome one.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara