Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Who's been sleeping in THEIR bed???

When my two-legged momma got home today she found this mess on her bed. Was it me??? Well that'd be pretty hard since I'm in a crate all day!

Innocent me gazing out the window on my favorite chair.
Innocent Katie sitting on the futon...
Innocent Charlie who is too fat to jump on the bed...
That leaves Libby and I'd say from her bowed head that it was her! She even looks ready to hide in my crate, but she's too big for it. I thought I heard her back there in the bedroom today making a ruckus, so I told momma that it was her! Momma said it's time to change the sheets anyway so she's not upset. I'm the only one allowed to sleep on the bed with her and daddy because I don't shed much. Only the other night I was really restless and daddy got a little upset with me for wanting to play when he was trying to sleep. What is it with these humans anyway?
This video is a little clip of me after my bath. Katie was interested in me because I was kind of running around a little.

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